I’m erika

and i drive web traffic

“It takes an awful lot of time to not write a book”

-Douglas Adams

One day I might get that book written, but in the mean time I write web copy for companies and bloggers, develop websites, consult on marketing teams, and optimize existing content – all with a focus on SEO, keyword building, and traffic generation.



Blog Articles

Almost any topic or niche. Everything from that well researched skyscraper to quick SEO content. 

SEO Strategy

Do you know how to optimize your web copy for SEO? I do. You give me your targeted keywords, I build them.

Technical Work

I’m a web designer by trade, and can code. Website tweaks, updates, and WordPress installs are my jam.

Content Strategy

Starting a new site and no idea where to start? We’ll figure it out together, or I can do all the work. 


Whether it’s an existing brand or a new build, I can develop a marketing, social media, and SEO strategy to drive traffic. 

Creative Writing

E-books, ghostwriting, opinion pieces, reviews… I’m open to anything! Shoot me an email.

years of experience (for real)

Snacks eaten (this week)

articles written (at minimum)

cups of coffee (today)

a little more about what i do

Increase organic traffic

SEO optimization is one of the best tools to increase your website’s organic traffic. I can put together a recommendation package on a technical and design level, as well as a content strategy and to make those goals happen. 

Marketing designed for you

It’s one of your best investments, and biggest expenses. Honest advice about where to focus your time and money to maximize web traffic and, therefore, profit. I can also help design and implement your social media and outreach strategies!

Copy and creative writing

Originally starting with website content, I’ve now quite literally written hundreds of SEO optimized articles, as well as being involved on various informational and creative writing projects. Let’s talk about your project!
Web content and marketing matter. 
So does having the right team.

Sometimes I write About business things

How to Survive COVID Winter Depression

The leaves are starting to change, and that means fall! What comes after fall? Winter! What does winter bring? Snow, cold, and seasonal depression. Yay! This year we get an extra bonus too: a global pandemic. So here's my best tips on how to survive COVID winter...

10 Overlooked Things You Should Have in Your Home Office

Our environment has such an effect on our psychological well being! If you're working from home, or working on your side hustle, then you need to carve out a space that's going to give you the productive energy you need. What you put into that space also matters....

Can’t Afford to Travel? Do This to Feel Better!

It's still winter here in southern Manitoba... And I'm sick of it. Of course, the first day of spring isn't for another couple of weeks, but the temperature is still below freezing and there's a few feet of snow on the ground that doesn't seem to be melting anytime...

professional, but still fun to talk to!

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